Repairs needed on gate motors are more common than you think!

This fact is true because there are many factors to consider when you, as home owners, decide to automate your gate.

It falls within your hands to explain (thoroughly) to us what the intended purpose of the gate will be; it falls within our hands, as your technicians, to recommend what the best gate and motor would be for you.

Our recommendations are reached by placing careful consideration on our requests as well as the environment that you are in.

For example when temperatures drop really low there MIGHT be a number of problems that that your gate may experience or if you live within a very windy area then perhaps a boarded wooden gate would be something you would have to reconsider installing- for something more suitable like an open railing gate- or if your driveway is on an ascending surface.

HOWEVER, you can have a peace of mind knowing that GATE MOTOR & REPAIRS JOHANNESBURG have nothing but your best interests at heart!

There are many types of gates such as sliding gates and swing gates- there are many different ways to open and close these gates such as radio remote controllers or card access…that’s why it is vital for us to know what the purpose of the gate will be! So that we may be able to provide you with something that is suited for your needs.


  • Aluminum gates
  • Double sliding gates
  • Barrier gates
  • Single swing gate
  • Double swing gate
  • Sliding gates

Gate Motor & Repairs Johannesburg are needed because we are aware that automating a gate is a complex task; one that requires careful consideration of safety before, during and after the installation. We are the best technicians to call in the event of a gate motor becoming faulty and in need of repairs because we are fully equipped to handle all issues whether they may be mechanical (such as your gate refusing to move due to a broken wheel bearing) OR electrical (a faulty battery.)

Say goodbye to gates that open and close on their own accord; say goodbye to gates that work one day and refuse to work the next; say goodbye to any faulty motors when you give us a call.

Just know that you can count on us!

We have all the solutions for your problems; we have all the answers to requests!

Our gate motor specialists are highly skilled in regards to installation and repairs of all types of gate motors but it doesn’t end there…in order to ensure that we stay at the highest level of quality services (because we know that you deserve nothing less) we ensure that our staff are customer driven and efficient in making sure that your requests are fulfilled to the best of their ability so that you may be fully satisfied with the end result.

We are aware that transitioning from an automated gate to manual mode, due to faulty motors, can be quite a draining transition but it doesn’t have to be that way if you have us in your corner.

We are able to assist with all types of motors-

Such as:

  • Bft gate motor
  • Centurion d5 gate motor
  • Duraslide gate motors
  • Gemini gate motor
  • Hansa gate motors
  • Remez gate motors
  • Super 500 gate motor
  • Swing gate motor

Whether you are in need of installation of a gate/ gate motor or whether you are in need of repairs you can be certain that Gate Motor & Repairs are the best choice for you. So don’t hesitate to pick up that dial and give us a call…we are only a call away. Feel free to request a quote! And remember: we have all the solutions for your problems; we have all the answers to your requests!